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Learning GIT

For source code management in the QGIS project we have been happily using subversion for some time now, having made a not-too-painful transition over from CVS several years ago. Lately we have bandied around the idea of moving over to GIT. This is mostly out of fear of being called bad things by Linus Torvalds for using SVN (ok I'm kidding). Actually there are a lot of technical reasons why a move over to GIT would work well for us - not least of which is the idea of easier merging of branches and the redunancy offered by multiple repos being 'out there'.

Adding a little impetus to my interest in learning GIT is the fact that more people are using it for managing their code so I need to update my skills to be able to collaborate with them effectively.

All this brings me to my real point: today I found a great resource which provides a guide for those familiar with SVN and wanting to migrate to GIT.

Git Merge – No Problem

Using Git with Subversion makes adding new features easy. Here are the metrics for my latest QGIS hack:

  • SVN revisions by others while working on my branch: 177
  • Time to complete merge with latest SVN revision: 1 second
  • Conflicts: None

Coincidence? Maybe not.

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