Back in 2018, we asked QGIS users how often they use QGIS and how often they upgrade. Today, we want to find out more about how different user groups and organisations use QGIS and particularly the LTR. You may be aware of ongoing discussions concerning potentially extending the LTR period and other potential steps to further improve user experience.

To better understand the needs of our QGIS community, we therefore invite you to our new LTR usage survey:

Update as posted on the mailing list: 

Thanks to all respondents, we’ve collected over 1,600 responses to this questionnaire!

Some interesting tidbits:

  1. The LTR concept seems to be well accepted: 50% of respondents use 3.10 LTR, 38% use 3.12, and 16% use 3.4 LTR.
  2. Most respondents install patch versions but 27% do so less often than every 6 months.
  3. Most respondents install .0 releases but 17% wait until .3 or longer
  4. 6% of respondents work in organizations with more than >100 users. It will be interesting to look at those responses separately.
  5. 7% say that they still need 32bit installers

You can find the raw survey responses here: