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New version of PDOKServiceplugin

Sorry, mostly interested for dutch readers

(Nederlands) Gebruikersbijeenkomst: QGIS in Organisaties

Sorry, this entry is only available in Dutch.

(Nederlands) Communicatie is een beetje… lastig?

Sorry, this entry is only available in Dutch.

QGIS UC 2023, ‘s-Hertogenbosch

Sorry… no English text as of yet. However, you’re welcome to have a look at the Dutch version (and use some automagic translation device)…

QGIS User Conference 2023

Get your QGIS-ass to ‘s-Hertogenbosch!

QGIS out in the fields…

Wednesday the 28th of September, we’re organizing a thematic day on the field use of QGIS. It’s being hosted by VRBZO (the Fire Department in the Eindhoven region). Theme is the use of QIS in the filed, (mostly) using QField or MerginMaps. Want to join us (language will be mostly Dutch)? Tickets (free for members) […]

QGIS on Windows: Oops … Could not load qgis_app.dll message

Sometimes after a Windows update, or after a QGIS update Windows users see the dreaded “Oops, looks like an error loading QGIS’… Could not load qgis_app.dll…” message In short it means that one of the main libraries of QGIS cannot be fully loaded, because it is actually depending on other libraries, which (apparently) are not […]

(Nederlands) New PDOKServicesplugin (dutch public OWS services plugin)

Mostly interesting for dutchies: there is a new version of the PDOKServiceplugin, a plugin which makes it easier to set a WMS/WFS/WCS layer into QGIS from our national OWS services: PDOK. Best addition for now: free High Resolution images of almost the whole of The Netherlands. To show of the old and the new version: […]

(Nederlands) Sprekers gezocht voor QGIS track FOSS4GNL

Sorry, this entry is only available in Dutch.

(Nederlands) Wat heeft de vereniging eigenlijk gedaan het afgelopen jaar?

Sorry, this entry is only available in Dutch.

New version of (dutch) PDOKservices plugin for QGIS

Short notice that there is a new version of the PDOKservices plugin for QGIS, adding aerials 2020 and a way to set two favourite layers.

Ask Me Anything about QGIS release management

Friday 29 January, Richard and Raymond will do an Ask Me Anything (in Dutch) on release management, and how to advise clients on which releases they should deploy. And the meaning of FF, difference between LR and LTR, etc. It’s in Dutch, but if you want to join in anyway:

(Nederlands) PDOKservices-plugin update

Sorry, this entry is only available in Dutch.

(Nederlands) Communicatieplatform Gebruikersvereniging

Sorry, this entry is only available in Dutch.

Donatie OGT en ander QGIS Gebruikersvereniging nieuws

Sorry, this entry is only available in Dutch.

Institutional, centralized QGIS installation/configuration (

QGIS more and more get’s to be installed ‘organisation wide’ by Windows Administrators (eg using SCCM, now Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager ), instead of personal installations by the GIS-people on their personal machines. I get more and more questions about this (eg here) So a short post about this. The good thing is that peeps […]

Mini hackfest ‘s-Hertogenbosch result: a website…

Today we had a small hackparty at Raymonds house. Focus: refocussing the blog site to the landing page of the Dutch QGIS user group. Ans yes, its there now :-).

Versie 3.5.0 van de PDOKServicesPlugin

OK, this is a short post to let the dutchies know there is a new version 3.5.0 of the PDOKServicesPlugin to load some of our national data as WMS, WFS or WCS. For example: the GeoMorphological map of The Netherlands, or the data of the accidents that happened from 2008 till 2018. Here combined in […]

De Ruimtelijke Plannen plugin profiteert van Open Source

Rececently the ruimtelijkeplannen plugin for using dutch spatial zoning plans in QGIS was renewed. A lot of extra functionality was added, sponsored by LBP|SIGHT, a company which uses this plugin frequently. As it happened, we now have a small list list of organizations who contributed to the development of this plugin, illustrating the power of […]

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