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BGT import plugin

The Dutch Basisregistratie Grootschalige Topografie (BGT) is exchanged via gml. Unfortunately the used gml application schema is quite involved and leads to incomplete imports in QGIS. The BGT-import plugin is now available so that the gml files can be imported correctly. To illustrate the point two screen shots (one wrong, and one right):

Video: how to create maps with webservices of the Dutch PDOK infrastructure in QGis throught the PDOK Plugin

On Eenvoudige PDOK services plugin voor QGIS (in Dutch) Richard already described how to use the PDOK plugin to connect to webservices of the Dutch PDOK infrastructure. This infrastructure offers nationwide and publicly available WMS, WFS and some tiling services of Dutch governments. This video shows how to use the plugin to create a [...]

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