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Plugin icon PDOK services plugin 227211 Richard Duivenvoorde 2023-12-22T11:01:43.170254+00:00 2012-10-20T19:17:35.065378+00:00
Plugin icon PDOK BAG Geocoder 13147 Eelke Jager 2023-08-17T16:20:16.351336+00:00 2013-05-09T19:34:25.333831+00:00
Plugin icon INSPIRE Nederland plugin voor QGIS 33450 Kay Warrie 2021-12-10T14:14:48.421032+00:00 2015-09-13T15:57:12.729795+00:00
2.8 0.3
Plugin icon PDOK Locatieserver Locator Filter 25290 Richard Duivenvoorde, Zuidt 2018-06-21T13:02:42.118803+00:00 2018-05-18T06:48:12.711799+00:00
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