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Plugin icon 3D City Builder 31120 Arthur Ruf Hosang da Costa 2021-07-06T10:17:29.223092+00:00 2020-10-07T19:35:46.141014+00:00
Plugin icon DDG Street Images 10019 COWI AS 2018-10-08T20:38:34.623845+00:00 2018-10-08T20:01:48.916963+00:00
Plugin icon Layer Grid View 1673 Tharles de Sousa Andrade 2023-09-24T00:47:23.372757+00:00 2023-09-24T00:47:23.257574+00:00
Plugin icon go2streetview 502646 Enrico Ferreguti 2023-11-17T10:48:40.441201+00:00 2014-03-25T16:34:47.118940+00:00
8.7 1.0
Plugin icon postgisQueryBuilder 66360 Enrico Ferreguti 2019-10-18T08:31:27.121997+00:00 2014-05-13T15:28:46.865582+00:00
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