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Plugin icon PCA 23698 Stavros Georgousis 2014-07-11T11:17:06.233150+00:00 2014-04-04T16:03:47.952577+00:00
0.3.1 0.3.0
Plugin icon PCA4CD - PCA for change detection 17150 Xavier Corredor Llano, SMByC 2023-02-16T04:09:02.372694+00:00 2019-02-05T03:35:21.467362+00:00
Plugin icon SciPy Filters 332 Florian Neukirchen 2024-04-02T10:28:30.654146+00:00 2024-03-07T17:07:19.189305+00:00
1.0 0.3
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