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Plugin icon ClosestPoint 7504 Jean-Christophe BAUDIN 2020-02-25T16:12:28.261367+00:00 2017-09-05T08:51:48.964430+00:00
Plugin icon Custom Projection Creator 4879 Murat Çalışkan 2021-05-27T10:01:49.725120+00:00 2021-05-27T10:01:49.325388+00:00
Plugin icon Peel Orange Scale Distortion Visualizer 875 Patrick McGranaghan 2022-03-24T00:36:52.158545+00:00 2022-03-19T02:13:39.287991+00:00
Plugin icon Projestions 22703 Eric Brelsford 2019-12-30T15:20:38.515451+00:00 2016-07-09T18:17:31.842205+00:00
1.0.1 0.4.2
Plugin icon QuickCRS 7493 Michel Stuyts 2017-04-10T11:03:44.541778+00:00 2017-02-24T09:26:32.920614+00:00
Plugin icon Search & format EPSG CRS Plugin 8457 Cayetano Benavent 2017-11-02T17:35:13.254310+00:00 2014-12-06T15:51:51.195181+00:00
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