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Plugin icon Copy layers and groups to clipboard 9255 Germán Carrillo (GeoTux) 2017-02-05T18:53:18.764752+00:00 2017-02-05T18:53:17.971470+00:00
Plugin icon Layer Board 35031 3Liz 2019-10-14T10:47:20.322780+00:00 2015-05-22T18:59:30.246407+00:00
1.0.1 0.4
Plugin icon New layers to the top 3407 Germán Carrillo (GeoTux) 2017-02-02T12:56:57.182141+00:00 2017-02-02T12:56:56.728819+00:00
Plugin icon pickLayer 31633 Enrico Ferreguti ( - enricofer), National Land Survey of Finland 2024-01-26T15:07:04.495266+00:00 2014-10-09T14:47:40.580003+00:00
Plugin icon undoPropertiesChanges 7286 Enrico Ferreguti 2014-11-13T13:30:44.097566+00:00 2014-09-26T11:30:55.147445+00:00
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