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The plugin open DDG street images in the browser

COWI, Denmark's Digital Street Images (DDG) - CPV plugin
This plugin allows you to open COWI's street images by clicking on the map.
CPV Plugin requires a subscription to DDG and login and password assigned by COWI. The CPV Plugin allows clicking in the QGIS project, after which the CPV opens the nearest street image in the user's default browser.
CPV includes panning functionality, shortcuts to quickly search street images, to view next / previous image in driving directions, turn on and off background map layers, address search, annotation / redlining on images, plot in pdf and jpg format, image quality adjustment, measure lengths, heights and areas etc. .. CPV functionality can be expanded to view oblique photos.
Contact COWI for subscription. The CPV plugin supports QGIS version 3 and supports the following QGIS project projections (SRID): 4326, 3857, 25832, 3009. The CPV plugin is configured by user in a config.txt file.

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