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Plugin icon Html Image Map Plugin 50476 Richard Duivenvoorde 2014-09-03T19:24:11.981357+00:00 2011-06-14T11:45:39.791604+00:00
Plugin icon PDOK services plugin 236343 Richard Duivenvoorde 2024-03-01T11:08:07.953061+00:00 2012-10-20T19:17:35.065378+00:00
Plugin icon QGIS Network Logger 8977 Richard Duivenvoorde 2020-06-18T19:11:20.859572+00:00 2019-06-26T14:33:56.201328+00:00
Plugin icon SimpleSvg 76978 Richard Duivenvoorde 2022-03-08T07:11:06.616790+00:00 2011-06-16T19:20:55.788573+00:00
3.0.3 0.5
Plugin icon XyTools 248607 Richard Duivenvoorde 2016-10-02T15:52:04.677066+00:00 2011-09-06T19:56:44.095372+00:00
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