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Plugin icon Load Them All 61968 Germán Carrillo (GeoTux) 2023-10-05T15:53:28.299695+00:00 2012-02-01T23:11:26.395207+00:00
Plugin icon AnotherDXFImporter 414742 EZUSoft 2023-09-11T06:03:45.862797+00:00 2016-06-28T19:32:37.944790+00:00
Plugin icon QGIS map styling GeoPackage extension 9603 Cédric Christen, Pirmin Kalberer 2017-08-17T01:07:35.693120+00:00 2016-08-26T08:53:15.488202+00:00
Plugin icon Model Baker 50674 GmbH in collaboration with SwissTierras Colombia 2024-03-13T08:46:58.602208+00:00 2018-12-25T08:55:37.901756+00:00
v7.8.3 v7.8.0
Plugin icon GeoCat Bridge 29279 GeoCat BV 2024-03-21T13:08:31.544296+00:00 2019-10-24T14:07:26.061671+00:00
Plugin icon PipelineML GeoPackager 1335 Jeff Bourdier 2021-01-29T23:25:32.184782+00:00 2021-01-29T23:25:31.939969+00:00
Plugin icon Project Packager 11122 Tarot Osuji 2023-04-22T15:07:12.019698+00:00 2021-11-27T06:42:36.210667+00:00
0.7.2 0.7
Plugin icon DBGI 902 Edouard Brülhart 2023-07-19T14:11:40.331613+00:00 2023-05-14T08:53:14.350601+00:00
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