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Easy publication of data and metadata from QGIS.

GeoCat is pleased to offer its Bridge plugin to the QGIS community.

GeoCat Bridge offers a one-click publishing experience for QGIS Desktop. Create great looking maps and publish them to GeoServer or MapServer, or share its metadata via the GeoNetwork metadata catalog.
Your data is uploaded as a GeoPackage, Shapefile, or imported into a PostGIS database. Bridge will automatically convert your QGIS styles into the destination format (SLD, Mapfile, etc.).

- If you wish to publish metadata, be aware that more recent QGIS versions (3.22+) require you to install the 'lxml' python package.
- Bridge for QGIS versioning starts at v4.0. There are no official releases prior to v4.x.

Version Experimental Minimum QGIS version Downloads Uploaded by Date
4.4 no 3.16.0 2102 geocat 2023-07-13T12:40:19.202701+00:00
4.3.2 no 3.16.0 3665 geocat 2023-02-23T11:16:20.032208+00:00
4.3.1 no 3.16.0 2137 geocat 2022-11-17T15:43:07.946738+00:00
4.3 no 3.16.0 2023 geocat 2022-08-17T10:55:08.425100+00:00
4.2.2 no 3.16.0 1744 geocat 2022-03-03T22:31:10.876244+00:00
4.1.3 no 3.10.0 3645 geocat 2021-08-09T10:15:08.207579+00:00
4.0.2 no 3.6.0 5982 geocat 2020-02-25T11:31:01.036413+00:00

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