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Version: [1864] GeoCat Bridge 4.3.2

Version 4.3.2, February 2023
- Fixed GeoNetwork version retrieval for 3.12.8 and up
- bridgestyle: support IS NULL rule filters (SLD and MapBox only)

Version 4.3.1, November 2022
- Fixed About page crash for specific Jinja versions (Path objects not
- Updated bridgestyle with some MapBox GL JS fixes

Version 4.3, August 2022
- Enhanced GeoServer Importer support related to GEOS-10553 (see PR #151)
- Warn when lxml dependency is missing for QGIS 3.22+ users (prevent crash when
plugin loads)
- Updated About dialog with useful links
- Updated documentation and added quickstart tutorial
- Bug fix: persist server configurations imported from JSON file
- Bug fix: clicking Save without a current server should not throw

Version 4.2.9-10, July 2022
- Handle JSONDecodeError from GeoServer regardless of json lib
- Fixed missing title argument when showing QGIS error message bar
- Updated GeoCat logo and icon

Version 4.2.7-8, April-May 2022
- Fixed broken URL for documentation link
- Fixed PostGIS direct access publication [#833147]
- Fix layer name (remove suffix) after GeoServer Importer job finishes
- Remove global defaultStyles created by GeoServer Importer
- Prevent JSONDecodeError on bad GeoServer version response

Version 4.2.2-6, March 2022
- Fixed 'New Server' button for macOS users [#146]
- Fixed error fetching GeoServer workspaces without credentials [#169851]
- Set title, abstract, and keywords in GeoServer layers and styles
- Do not create GeoServer layergroup if QGIS group only contains one layer
- Set exported GeoPackage layer name so GeoServer uses correct feature type
- Fixed issue related to layer filters [#926926]

Version 4.2.0-1, February 2022
- Fixed GeoServer layer group publication [#135]
- Workaround for regression in pkgutil library [#136]
- Fixed SLD encoding issue for GeoServer styles [#139, #141]
- Improved window modality behavior for non-Windows users
- Auto-rename fields for SHP exports and link to style fields
- Fixed publication for multiple layers from the same GeoPackage
- Fixes for MapBox VT publication process (groups)
- Improved robustness of StyleViewer
- Fixed metadata editor dialog [#985702]
- Fixed keyError when defaultStyle is missing [#894721]
- Improved GeoServer-managed PostGIS publication process
- Bridge should load own bridgestyle lib (not from Python path)
- Minor bridgestyle fixes and updates

Version 4.1, August 2021
- Added MapBox VT support
- Renamed Multistyler to StyleViewer
- Pluggable servers modules
- Improved UI/UX of Bridge dialog
- Fixed "PostGIS managed by GeoServer" publish process
- Added minimal support for JNDI PostGIS datastores
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