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This plugin creates minimum spanning trees in multiple ways.

This plugin identifies the Minimum Spanning Tree (MST) of geographical inputs. Three different ways to determine costs of edges are considered, which constitute the tabs of the plugin: 1) Vector: Provided by the given input linestring. 2) Automatic: Obtained automatically based on the input shapefile. Delaunay Triangulation is used to obtain the edges, and Euclidean distance is used to determine the costs. 3) Raster: Both raster and vector data are used to estimate the costs of edges. In all of the cost estimation methods, there is an optional barrier (obstacle) input, which makes sure that no edge in MST intersects with a barrier provided as a linestring. To obtain reliable results, all of the inputs must be in the same coordinate system.

Version Experimental Min QGIS version Max QGIS version Downloads Uploaded by Date
2.1 yes 3.0.0 3.99.0 1885 banbar 2020-10-26T16:16:45.621070+00:00
2.0 yes 3.0.0 3.99.0 513 banbar 2020-04-14T10:53:07.136324+00:00
1.0 yes 3.0.0 3.99.0 379 banbar 2019-10-16T12:34:22.331849+00:00
0.1 yes 3.0.0 3.99.0 509 banbar 2019-05-24T15:00:39.531661+00:00

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