How to add your plugin to this repository


  • Plugins need to have at least minimal documentation
  • The plugin metadata contains a link to the source code, an issue tracker and a license
  • The plugin license is compatible with the GPLv2 or later (more information about licensing)
  • Respect the licenses by libraries and other resources that your plugin uses
  • If the plugin has an external dependency, this needs to be clearly stated in the About metadata field; you can include a short guide to install Python libs as needed, or opint to existing guides, e.g. for Windows
  • Don't include binaries


  • Write comments in your code in English, it will make it easier for others to contribute
  • Provide a minimal data set for testing
  • Put the plugin into the appropriate menu (Vector, Raster, Web, Database)
  • Before publishing a new plugin, check if it duplicates existing functionality and explore collaboration possibilities
  • Make your plugin work on all supported platforms (Windows, Linux, macOs)
  • Don't rename the plugin title just because it's upgraded to a newer version like QGIS 3
  • Check if source code uploaded to the QGIS plugin repo as zip is identical to "Code repository" indicated in metadata.txt
  • Mention any requirements, dependencies and restrictions in the description text section (which can be multi-line). Examples of requirements, dependencies and restrictions are, if the plugin is running only on selected platforms, requires SW to be installed separately or some user account, but also if the plugin is spatially covering just some countries or regions.

Tips and Tricks

  • Keep your source repository in good shape: 
    • No generated files left in the repository (ui_*.py,, gen. help files…).
    • No __MACOSX, .git, __pycache__ or other hidden directories
    • Good code organization (subfolders).
    • Code comments are available.
    • PEP8 & Python/QGIS guidelines compliance.
    • A README file and a LICENCE file are present.
  • If some dependencies are not available in OSGeo4w Python, provide instructions on how to install them on Windows.
  • The name of the plugin and the folder name do not repeat the word `plugin`.
  • Plugins should make use of QgsNetworkAccessManager instead of using urllib2/requests/etc... which often fail to use correct proxy settings.
  • The plugin builder plugin is recommended, especially for new users.

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