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This plugin creates a table layer with all the ValueMap items of the project to be used as input for a js script which shows description instead of code in Lizmap attribute tables

This plugin retrieves all codes and labels from columns with ValueMap widget and compiles a table layer added to the QGIS project.
The table layer has four text columns named: fieldname, cod, label and layer and it is automatically created and added to the QGIS project.
This table is then used by the valueMap_in_attributeTable.js file in order to show descriptions instead of lables in Lizmap attribute tables.
The resulting table layer must be added to lizmap web client as WFS layer.
Moreover the script automatically put the valueMap_in_attributeTable.js in the proper folder i.e. media/js/project_name/.
If these folders do not exist, they are automatically created.
The valueMap_in_attributeTable.js only works for fields of type text with Lizmap 3.3. Numerical fields will be supported starting from Lizmap 3.4.

Version Experimental Min QGIS version Max QGIS version Downloads Uploaded by Date
0.3 yes 3.0.0 3.99.0 278 robifag 2022-11-29T14:41:06.918226+00:00
0.2 yes 3.0.0 3.99.0 674 robifag 2020-11-27T10:17:46.448675+00:00
0.1 yes 3.0.0 3.99.0 158 robifag 2020-11-11T16:09:05.038690+00:00

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