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Plugin icon Safecast Plugin 1714 OpenGeoLabs s.r.o. 2023-08-09T08:45:08.248648+00:00 2017-09-01T10:37:09.646732+00:00
Plugin icon GPS Position Lag Correction QGIS Plugin 10943 Ondrej Pesek (CTU GeoForAll Lab) 2017-09-01T10:37:31.904615+00:00 2017-09-01T10:37:31.754633+00:00
Plugin icon Radiation reconnaissance results 1069 Tereza Kulovana (CTU GeoForAll Lab) 2018-08-16T13:12:08.333215+00:00 2018-08-16T13:12:07.948986+00:00
Plugin icon Ground Radiation Monitoring 1114 Michael Kala 2018-08-16T18:39:55.663028+00:00 2018-08-16T18:39:55.305018+00:00
Plugin icon Map Corners Coordinates 11277 CTU GeoForAll Lab (Kala, Kulovana, Landa) and OpenGeoLabs s.r.o 2020-05-11T17:50:48.822533+00:00 2018-08-16T20:30:03.314482+00:00
Plugin icon RUIAN Plugin 5908 Jan Klima, Lukas Streda, Simon Gajzler, Lukas Kettner, Martin Landa (GeoForAll Lab) 2023-07-27T19:35:38.717629+00:00 2019-10-12T15:00:56.000867+00:00
Plugin icon GTFS Loader 6745 CTU GeoForAll Lab 2021-02-11T17:35:29.310811+00:00 2021-02-11T17:35:29.080369+00:00
Plugin icon ST_LUCAS Download Manager 1290 CTU GeoForAll Lab (Jaroslav Zeman, Tomas Boucek, Martin Landa) 2023-03-17T09:34:18.901411+00:00 2022-06-05T15:02:21.162739+00:00
1.0.4 1.1.0
Plugin icon VFK Plugin 1021 Anna Petrasova, Vaclav Petras, Stepan Bambula, Martin Landa (CTU GeoForAll Lab) 2024-01-22T22:35:38.220381+00:00 2023-07-10T16:52:30.334184+00:00
3.1.2 3.1.1
Plugin icon Radiation ToolBox Plugin 742 OpenGeoLabs s.r.o. 2024-03-29T04:29:25.548388+00:00 2023-08-07T11:48:37.143212+00:00
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