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Tree Belt Designer

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Design tree and shrub belts

This plugin provides knowledge for design the future tree belt network in terms of the estimation of potential insolation within agricultural landscape. The design process bases on the user library containing attributes of tree and shrub species. The process is also supported by the soil type data, the parcel-based layout, and the digital surface model (DSM). The outcome provides the modified DSM extended with user’s tree belt project. Based on the modified DSM, the potential insolation and contrary to insolation - the shading effect caused by tree belt network is possible to estimate using plugins of different GIS software. Moreover, the outcome allows to estimate the insolation/shading effect within another arrangement of tree and shrub groups or single individuals planned by the user in his project.

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Jakub Skowroński, Maciej Nowak, Jakub Nowosad
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