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Leaflet interactive web profiles.

With this plugin you can export an interactive leaflet map with a profile. E.g. an elevation profile of a route. This plugin uses the Leaflet Elevation library of Raruto.

Version Experimental Minimum QGIS version Downloads Uploaded by Date
1.3 no 3.0.0 6705 ghtmtt 2019-05-31T09:46:00.362259+00:00
1.2 no 3.0.0 206 ghtmtt 2019-05-29T09:13:55.390982+00:00
1.1 no 3.0.0 184 ghtmtt 2019-05-28T10:40:28.025479+00:00
1 no 3.0.0 329 ghtmtt 2019-05-24T12:49:39.367010+00:00

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