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Plugin icon geoUmbriaSUIT 26571 ARPA Umbria - University of Perugia (Developer: Gianluca Massei) 2019-02-24T17:53:28.223361+00:00 2013-06-16T12:44:43.512982+00:00
2.8.2 3.0.6
Plugin icon SSAM 7134 ARPA Umbria - University of Perugia (Developer: Gianluca Massei) 2023-09-30T21:15:03.244263+00:00 2019-05-07T21:07:06.088011+00:00
1.0.2 1.99.4
Plugin icon GEOSYS Plugin 36207 GEOSYS 2023-04-21T12:19:22.822944+00:00 2019-05-28T09:43:22.788705+00:00
Plugin icon Imagine Sustainability 1015 University of Perugia (Developer: Gianluca Massei) 2023-09-30T21:17:45.276639+00:00 2023-07-16T14:57:57.375024+00:00
Plugin icon USM toolset (Urban Sprawl Metric toolset) 971 Joel Schwab, Ryan Horiguchi, Stefan F. Keller 2023-07-27T10:29:22.500651+00:00 2023-07-27T10:29:21.875686+00:00
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