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Plugin icon Cadastral Classifier 10120 Nikolai Shurupov (Universidad de Alcalá de Henares) 2023-04-22T14:23:52.092304+00:00 2022-02-11T17:17:40.435280+00:00
Plugin icon Cadastral Divisions 26224 Giulio Fattori 2023-02-08T17:15:10.316294+00:00 2020-12-01T13:37:12.477658+00:00
Plugin icon MOS-Adeupa-CE 2401 Corentin Falcone (SIRS) 2019-09-16T06:32:34.486080+00:00 2019-07-01T12:29:27.622661+00:00
Plugin icon Polygon Divider 55428 Jonny Huck, Flying Turtle Ltd 2022-05-28T15:37:39.504414+00:00 2017-03-26T18:48:49.767806+00:00
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