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Plugin icon MAGIC Map Loader 2999 DeltaV Geospatial 2023-11-07T14:56:21.678215+00:00 2023-01-20T15:45:05.216869+00:00
Plugin icon GB Elevation 3903 Luke Butler 2017-11-21T18:58:25.739311+00:00 2017-11-20T12:24:43.895011+00:00
Plugin icon SPARQLing Unicorn QGIS Plugin 4115 Timo Homburg, Florian Thiery, SPARQL Unicorn, Research Squirrel Engineers Network 2023-07-28T14:51:05.341214+00:00 2019-10-28T15:46:44.470316+00:00
Plugin icon Ordnance Survey Translator 12863 Peter Wells for Lutra Consulting 2013-10-08T08:04:14.819606+00:00 2013-07-02T17:21:45.723903+00:00
1.1.0 1.1.1
Plugin icon OS Translator II 38479 Lutra Consulting 2023-12-06T08:16:20.354591+00:00 2015-02-16T19:01:57.517822+00:00
3.2.6 1.2.1
Plugin icon TomBio tools 75141 Rich Burkmar and other contributors 2023-03-28T18:40:43.795553+00:00 2014-11-02T09:31:56.833460+00:00
Plugin icon MapTiler 221559 MapTiler 2023-03-22T16:06:07.085441+00:00 2020-06-08T14:09:52.434120+00:00
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