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  Name Featured Downloads Author Latest Plugin Version Created on Stars (votes) Stable Exp.
Plugin icon Select Themes 2817 g3er geoplaning GmbH 2021-05-03T17:58:26.698526+00:00 2021-05-03T17:58:26.403855+00:00
Plugin icon ThemeSelector 5735 Werner Macho für Wagner-IT 2021-12-23T19:43:47.913084+00:00 2019-07-08T14:36:18.103344+00:00
3.2.2 3.0
Plugin icon opeNoise 37115 Arpa Piemonte (developer Stefano Masera - porting Pierluigi De Rosa) 2022-07-13T12:33:58.679103+00:00 2014-03-25T14:57:14.903177+00:00
2.0 0.2
Plugin icon pickLayer 32649 Enrico Ferreguti ( - enricofer), National Land Survey of Finland 2024-01-26T15:07:04.495266+00:00 2014-10-09T14:47:40.580003+00:00
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