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Plugin icon LF Tools 105116 Leandro França 2024-03-24T18:37:11.257767+00:00 2021-03-12T12:04:02.172357+00:00
1.12.8 1.0.1
Plugin icon OsmAnd bridge 5138 Sylvain Théry - UMR 5281 ART-Dev 2022-12-02T15:15:05.133202+00:00 2022-12-02T15:15:04.720521+00:00
Plugin icon QField Sync 554562 2024-03-15T08:03:21.444901+00:00 2016-08-18T09:42:47.947561+00:00
v4.9.1 v4.0.0-beta20
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