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Plugin icon S.P.A.N.N.E.R.S. 1397 Theoretical Computer Science Group, Osnabrück University: Dennis Benz, Timo Glane, Tim Hartmann, Benedikte Lechtermann, Steffen Meinert, Levin Nemesch, Leon Nienhüser, Leon Richardt, Jo Sandor, Joshua Sangmeister, Maria Stjepic, Julian Pascal Wittker 2022-04-01T11:27:35.439465+00:00 2022-04-01T11:27:35.154987+00:00
Plugin icon QdrawEVT 2752 Francois Thevand 2024-01-31T17:59:16.276706+00:00 2023-06-19T14:31:34.429933+00:00
Plugin icon Smart editing tools 7799 Eduard Popov 2015-09-07T06:59:35.458955+00:00 2015-08-04T06:07:25.353142+00:00
Plugin icon Quick Draw 33707 Homme Zwaagstra 2014-05-20T12:30:00.216370+00:00 2014-05-19T15:26:45.401728+00:00
Plugin icon Red Layer 42218 Enrico Ferreguti 2021-05-01T07:36:44.541198+00:00 2015-05-06T12:09:56.841529+00:00
Plugin icon Serval 55117 Radoslaw Pasiok for Lutra Consulting Ltd. 2023-10-18T15:22:59.513142+00:00 2016-01-04T17:42:00.843033+00:00
3.32.0 0.7.1
Plugin icon Qdraw 73241 Jérémy Kalsron 2021-08-20T11:31:31.085404+00:00 2016-05-23T12:06:32.461205+00:00
3.0.2 1.5.2
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