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Sync the map canvas extents with composer map

This plugin, when activated, will get the extents and scale of the current map canvas and synchronize those values with a map in the Composer. If you have multiple maps in Composer and would like to schronize a specific map, select the map in composer and activate plugin. The plugin is similar to the "Set to map canvas extent" button found in Item Properties in Composer but is easier to find for non-GIS proffessionals.

Ed B
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Version Experimental Minimum QGIS version Downloads Uploaded by Date
0.3.0 no 2.0.0 7476 boesiii 2014-08-07T13:40:43.319597+00:00
0.2.0 no 2.0.0 880 boesiii 2014-07-25T17:15:50.123194+00:00
0.1.4 yes 2.0.0 2158 boesiii 2014-07-23T17:12:57.683789+00:00
0.1.3 yes 2.0.0 769 boesiii 2014-07-11T20:51:53.012543+00:00
0.1.2 yes 2.0.0 632 boesiii 2014-07-11T17:05:32.541459+00:00
0.1.1 yes 2.0.0 570 boesiii 2014-07-11T16:54:31.480556+00:00
0.1 yes 2.0.0 566 boesiii 2014-07-08T17:59:15.893546+00:00

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