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Identifies the side of the polygon (e.g. parcels or building footprints) that is facing the street, river, or any other line vector file type. Outputs a new line feature for each polygon feature, based on what side of the polygon was identified as the 'street-facing' side. Requires both an input polygon layer and input line layer.

WARNING: This tool is still in it's early development, so it still produces some errors and has performance limits. That is why I currently have it listed as 'experimental'. I will be continuously working on updates.

Planned updates:
- Create point layer in the centre of 'street-facing' line layer
- Fix the overlapping line errors
- Fix issue with features on street corners (often identifies the side of house as 'street-facing')

Version Experimental Minimum QGIS version Downloads Uploaded by Date
0.5 yes 3.22.0 67 bwgscriven 2023-03-07T05:47:00.494887+00:00

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