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Strava archive has recently changed and won't work with this plugin. This plugin is being updated to work with the changes.

IMPORTANT - This plugin has been DEPRECATED. Unfortunately due to Strava changing their archive format, this plugin is no longer able to access activities files in the archive. A new version is under development. Thanks

The plugin loads a Strava personal file and converts it to a QGIS map layer. Users have to request the activities file from Strava first: log in your Strava account --> Settings --> My Profile --> Download all your activities. An email will be sent with a link to download all your activities (be patient, you may have to wait from a few minutes too a couple of hours). Once downoaded use this plugin to locate the file. Usage suggestions: Use symbology to style the segments to highlights specific training zones; Use the field calculator to add a slope field; Find out what activity was done in a specific location.

Armando Forlani
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