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The plugin is aimed to perform spatial joins dynamically, without creating a new table, using expression fields and refFunctions plugin (needed as dependency). All the standard topological condition are available (intersection, within, touches ....)

The new plugin called "SpatialJoin" is aimed to perform spatial joins without creating a new table, using the full set of available tolological condition. The plugin, using the "refFunction" expressions extension, needed as dependency, creates a expression spatial key field ("spjoin_rif") based on reference functions and joins the desidered fields with a value by id function in expression fields as well.The result is a complete dynamic table that resolvs spatial joins on the fly, evaluating the current layers features. Dynamic joins are very computational insensive, so it's recomended to test them with small datasets to avoid long waiting for results. For large datasets please consider other tools like Processing or Virtual layers

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1.1 no 2.6.0 29487 enricofer 2016-12-20T15:36:58.165025+00:00
1.0 no 2.6.0 17069 enricofer 2015-01-14T12:57:58.753602+00:00

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