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Render geodesic buffers with 4-32 sectors and query the point data in them.

SecQuery is a tool for rendering geodesic buffers with a
specified number of sectors. Buffer radius can be specified
in cm, m, km, in, ft, mi, nmi or yd. The number of sectors
and smoothness of buffer can be configured via user input.
The tool also provides the functionality of displaying 16
directional labels. The center point of the buffer can be
entered manually or selected from the canvas. The buffer,
sectors and direction labels are added as Memory Layers.
A Point Layer and a CRS for this Layer are taken as input.
The data in a sector can be queried with a map tool which
identifies a sector from mouse click coordinates. The
queried data is added as a Memory Layer with Point data
of selected sector.The attribute table for these layers
are displayed.

Srividya Subramanian
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