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Raster Statistics toolbox for QGIS

This plugin is designed to return basic raster statistics regarding raster files for polygons in a given layer.
In addition to the tools that already exist in QGIS for computing raster statistics, this plugin allows for the computation of histograms for zones and provides a wider range of summary statistics (Average,Mean,Median,Standard deviation,Variance,Minimum and Maximum)

Pedro Camargo
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Version Experimental Min QGIS version Max QGIS version Downloads Uploaded by Date
0.4.3 no 2.99.0 3.99.0 25461 pcamargo 2019-10-01T11:54:56.269733+00:00
0.4.1 no 2.14.0 2.99.0 8800 pcamargo 2018-04-20T00:52:10.486580+00:00
0.4 no 2.14.0 2.99.0 268 pcamargo 2018-04-19T23:53:39.662843+00:00
0.3 no 2.14.0 2.99.0 2287 pcamargo 2018-02-12T13:09:40.817627+00:00
0.2 no 2.8.0 2.99.0 13904 pcamargo 2015-08-19T00:11:30.701435+00:00
0.1 no 2.8.0 2.99.0 388 pcamargo 2015-08-17T03:27:42.100616+00:00

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