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Create plots visualizing raster data for all pixels currently visible inside the map canvas.

The Raster Data Plotting plugin adds a panel for creating i) spectral/temporal pixel profile plots and ii) 2-d scatter/density plots visualizing all visible pixel for two selected raster bands. The scatter plot data is adapting in real-time, whenever the map canvas extent changes. See the project homepage for a detailed overview and usage instructions.

Version Experimental Minimum QGIS version Downloads Uploaded by Date
1.6.3 no 3.0.0 19531 janzandr 2020-04-02T07:39:58.282015+00:00
1.6.2 no 3.0.0 701 janzandr 2020-03-10T17:57:15.065428+00:00
1.6.1 no 3.0.0 5254 janzandr 2019-05-17T14:19:37.215443+00:00
1.6 no 3.0.0 111 janzandr 2019-05-17T13:31:01.442831+00:00
1.5 no 3.0.0 613 janzandr 2019-04-30T03:31:41.772406+00:00
1.4 no 3.0.0 511 janzandr 2019-04-13T23:14:51.973711+00:00
1.3 no 3.0.0 292 janzandr 2019-04-09T10:10:17.255508+00:00
1.2.1 no 3.0.0 379 janzandr 2019-04-03T06:16:45.114706+00:00
1.2 no 3.0.0 225 janzandr 2019-04-01T15:17:16.460693+00:00

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