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Algorithm for rockfall analyses at small scale

QPROTO is an algorithm for rockfall analyses at a small scale on the basis of the simplified *Cone Method* (Jaboyedoff & Labious, 2011). It allows to preliminarily evaluate the effects of a rockfall event along a slope in terms of exposed areas, boulder velocity and boulder energy.A time-independent rockfall hazard can also be defined. QPROTO is designed by Politecnico di Torino (Marta Castelli, Monica Barbero & Marco Grisolia), Arpa Piemonte (Rocco Pispico & Luca Lanteri) and developed by Faunalia. This Plugin is partially funded by Italian 2015 PRIN Project: "Innovative monitoring and design strategies for sustainable landslide risk mitigation".

Matteo Ghetta (Faunalia)
pythongeologyviewshedhazardlandsliderockfallcone method
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