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Version: [189] Azimuth and Distance Plugin 0.9.16

Version 0.9.16: Fixed bug with import using radial option
Version 0.9.15: Fixed bug with loading plugin after new install and improved
error handling for arcs
Version 0.9.14: Fixed bug in QGIS 3.0 update with regard to polygonal layers
Version 0.9.13: Updated for QGIS 3.0
Version 0.9.12: Fixed drawing of arcs when unit is feet
Version 0.9.11: Correct drawing of counter-clockwise arcs
Version 0.9.10: Added support for importing and exporting arcs
Version 0.9.9: Drawing arcs works again (fixes regression in 0.9.8)
Version 0.9.8: Enabled setting of zenith angle
Version 0.9.7: Added support for gradians
Version 0.9.6: Buttons now have text labels again (fixes regression in 0.9.4)
Version 0.9.5: New controls in options tab for calculating offset (completed by
TechnoglogyOne, Australia, funded by Knox City Council, Australia)
Version 0.9.4: New dock widget UI. New icons for buttons. Feature to use last
point as start. Draw temp line.(completed by DMS, Australia, funded by Knox City
Council, Australia)
Version 0.9.3: Added snapping marker when picking the start point and drawing
arc support (completed by DMS, Australia)
Version 0.9.2: Added support for drawing into active layer (completed by DMS,
Version 0.9.1: Fixed no segment draw and coordinate offset bugs
Version 0.9.0: Updated for QGIS 2.0
Aug. 9, 2023, 11:08 p.m.
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