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This plugin integrates the Conefor landscape conectivity
analysis software with QGIS.

Conefor is a software that provides tools for studying landscape
conectivity. It features a command line version that is available for
Windows, Mac OS and Linux. It can be downloaded from
This plugin integrates Conefor with QGIS. It can be used in two modes:
* A plugin dialog with a custom GUI that can be used to generate the
input files needed in order to run Conefor analysis. These files can
then be used to run Conefor externally and perform the study.
* A set of Processing algorithms that can be used to work with Conefor
inside QGIS. It provides algorithms for both preparing Conefor inputs
(the same functionality as available in the plugin's dialog) and also
for running most of Conefor's algorithms. This makes it possible to
create Processing models and scripts that efectively enable a user to
use QGIS as a frontend to interact with Conefor.
* Conefor authors are Santiago Saura ([email protected]) and Josep Torné.
This plugin was developed by Ricardo Garcia Silva ([email protected])
with funding from ETSI Montes, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.
The plugin is released under a GPL license.

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1.2.1 no 2.0.0 2.99.0 7584 ricardogsilva 2015-06-13T16:10:37.310466+00:00
1.2 no 2.0.0 2.99.0 722 ricardogsilva 2015-06-10T19:38:15.408245+00:00

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