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Version: [2580] QGIS GeoNode 0.9.2 Experimental

0.9.2 (2022-01-18)
- (fixed) Do not use QgsNetworkAccessManager features introduced after QGIS

0.9.1 (2022-01-14)
- (fixed) Fix layer properties dialogue not opening correctly for non-GeoNode
- (fixed) Improve plugin metadata fields when displayed in QGIS plugin repo
- (fixed) Do not use typing.Final in order to support PYthon 3.7

0.9.0 (2022-01-12)
- (added) Add connection capabilities and detected version details
- (added) Connection test now uses auth credentials, if available
- (changed) Layer uploads also send SLD style
- (changed) Update user guide
- (fixed) Fix re-download of metadata for loaded layers
- (fixed) Fix dataset abstract not being shown on the UI anymore

0.5.0 (2021-12-29)
- (added) Allow uploading QGIS layers to GeoNode as new datasets
- (fixed) QGIS plugins menu no longer shows empy reference to this plugin

0.4.0 (2021-12-20)
- (added) Allow loading and saving layer title and abstract from/to GeoNode
- (changed) Bump minimum QGIS version to 3.18

0.3.4 (2021-12-17)
- (added) Modify style of GeoNode layer and save it on the remote GeoNode
- (changed) Network fetcher task is now able to perform PUT requests
- (changed) Better handling of network errors

0.3.3 (2021-11-22)
- (fixed) This release is functionally equivalent to v0.3.2

0.3.2 (2021-11-22 - [YANKED])
- (changed) Introduce compatibility with the latest developments of upstream
GeoNode API

0.3.1 (2021-05-07)
- (added) Persist current search filters between restarts of QGIS
- (added) Add icon to button that fetches keywords
- (added) Improve user feedback when testing connections
- (fixed) Improved layer loading with the CSW API
- (fixed) Fix incorrect pagination results with the CSW API

0.3.0 (2021-04-07)
- (added) Allow filtering searches by temporal extent and publication date
- (added) Add ordering of search results
- (added) Add Changelog to the online documentation
- (added) Further improve the look of search results
- (changed) All HTTP requests are now done in a background thread to avoid
blocking QGIS UI
- (changed) Load layers in a background thread in order to avoid blocking QGIS
- (changed) Improve feedback shown when searching and loading layers
- (changed) Move Title search filter out of the collapsible group, so that it is
easier to access
- (fixed) Improved error handling
- (fixed) Fix incorrect visibility of the Search/Next/Previous search buttons
- (fixed) Reset pagination when pressing Search button
- (fixed) Remove unused Add/Close buttons on datasource manager dialogue

0.2.0 (2021-02-28)
- (added) Add initial support for earlier GeoNode versions
- (added) Initial support for search filters
- (added) Add support for applying a vector layer's default SLD style when
- (changed) Improve look of search results
- (fixed) Fix invalid update date for versions released via custom plugin repo

0.1.1 (2021-02-02)
- (fixed) Invalid tag format in previous version prevented automated
distribution to our custom QGIS repo

0.1.0 (2021-02-02 [YANKED])
- (added) Load GeoNode layers into QGIS
- (added) Load a GeoNode metadata into the corresponding QGIS layer
- (added) Manage GeoNode connections through the plugin GUI
- (added) Improve plugin metadata and documentation
- (fixed) Current connection settings are now always up-to-date with the GUI

0.0.9 (2021-01-11)
- (fixed) Invalid plugin zip name

0.0.8 (2021-01-08)
- (fixed) Remove pycache files from plugin zip

0.0.7 (2021-01-08)
- (fixed) Invalid CI settings

0.0.6 (2021-01-08)
- (fixed) Invalid CI settings

0.0.5 (2021-01-08)
- (added) Initial project structure
- (added) Add infrastructure for automated testing
- (added) Add infrastructure for managing releases
- (added) Add geonode API client
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