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Field find/replace

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Simple screen to quickly perform find/replace on text in columns.

Right click in the attribute table to open a screen which lets you quickly find and replace text in fields. Similar to CTRL-F/CTRL-G on a column in a spreadsheet. Under the hood this is just the regex_replace function in the field calculator. This plugin is a simple screen to make the functionality a bit more easily accessible. Also, there is a preview window to help you perform your replacements in a controlled manner. Select the field to perform replacements on in the bottom left. You can use regular expressions, like [A-Z] (any capital letter) or (Foo|Bar) (Foo or Bar). When using escape codes, use an extra backslash: e.g. \\s for a whitespace character.

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1 no 3.4.0 8464 semriemens 2020-11-02T11:11:42.487257+00:00

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