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This plugin imports an IGC file and creates short line segments between the track points

This plugin imports an IGC file and creates short line segments between the track points.
This plugin bases on the gpx-segment-importer from Simon Groe (
Features include:
* Available as QGIS dialog in toolbar and also as QGIS algorithm for usage in processing
* [dialog, algorithm] Read all attributes available from each track point at the segment start and/or end. This includes the timestamp and the elevation as well as any other attributes added to a track point.
* [dialog] Select one or multiple IGC files with the same data structure at once.
* [dialog] To gain full control over the data, you can edit the attribute table before creating the segment layer. You can exclude attributes, modify the attribute label and change the data type (integer, double, boolean or string) if the automatic type detection failed, e.g. at numeric data that contains “Null” or “None” values. Also, the plugin detects empty attributes and excludes it by default.
* [dialog, algorithm] Optionally calculate motion attributes (track points indices, distance, speed, duration and elevation_diff) between track points.
* [algorithm] Second algorithm 'Track segment creator' to apply line segment creator to any point vector dataset that has a timestamp attribute.

Martin Marmsoler
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