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Version: [1611] Processing R Provider 3.1.1

3.1.0 Support "range", "color", "datetime" input parameter types. Fixed list
creation from multiple input layer parameters. Fix conversion of custom
coordinate reference systems.
3.0.0 Added support for `QgsProcessingParameter*` strings, that can be used to
define script parameters. Better handling of errors in R scripts. New script
parameter `##script_title`, that can be used to define string under which the
script is listed in QGIS Toolbox.
2.3.0 Introduces support for QgsProcessingParameterPoint as an input variable,
set parameter help strings under QGIS 3.16 or later
2.2.2 Make sure that FolderDestination and FileDestination folders exist,
otherwise that would have to be handled by R script causes issue if writing to
temp directory which does not exist2.2.1 Fix file based outputs, R version
number reporting
2.2.1 Fix file based outputs, R version number reporting
2.2.0 Add support for file based outputs. Check for details!
2.1.0 Add support for literal enums, skipping package loading, additional output
types (e.g. strings and numbers).
2.0.0 Many fixes, algorithms have support for choice between sf/raster or rgdal
for loading inputs
1.0.7 Fix 3.4 compatibility
1.0.6 Workaround API break in QGIS, which breaks existing scripts
1.0.5 Allow use of R development versions
1.0.4 Resurrect ability to run on selected features only
1.0.3 Remove activation setting for provider (disable plugin instead!), fix
memory layer handling, simpler example script
1.0.2 Fix vector paths under windows
Feb. 2, 2022, 6:37 p.m.
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