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QGIS Python Plugins Repository

Version: [229] OpenLayers Plugin 2.0.0 Experimental

- Port to QGIS 3 (Python 3 / QT 5)
- Requires QT5 WebKit (Package python3-pyqt5.qtwebkit on Debian/Ubuntu)
- Use XYZ Layers instead of GDAL TMS for non-Javascript service providers
- Catch lat/lon transformation exceptions
- Fix disappearance of previously loaded layers
- Improved use of proxy settings for GDAL Layers (OSM, etc.)
- Partial revert of new proxy method because of Windows crashes
- Improved use of system proxy settings
- Fix "No module named map_quest"
- Thunderstorm OSM layers with API Key (OpenCycleMap, etc.)
- Wikimedia Commons OpenStreetMap layers. Thanks to  Henry Walshaw!
- Discontinued MapQuest layers removed
- Display warning for Google & Bing layers regarding printing and rotating
- Fix UnicodeEncodeError at initialization
- Spanish translation. Thanks to @ermati
- Support printing and rotating of OpenStreetMap and OSM/Stamen layers
- Update Google Maps layers and add configurable API key
- Update to OpenLayers 2.14
- Add Stamen Toner Lite layer. Thanks to Gerald Rich!
- Fix zooming of Google Maps layers
- Release sponsored by BLS Netz AG
- Update to OpenLayers 2.13 to fix offset of Google Maps layers. Thanks to
Guilhem Vellut!
- Remove zoom limitations to allow zooming out to global scales. Thanks to
Guilhem Vellut!
- Add OpenStreetMap Humanitarian Data Model layer. Thanks to Vivien Deparday!
- Add MapQuest layers
- Remove obsolete Yahoo Maps layers
- Translation to brazilian portuguese (pt_BR). Thanks to Marcelo Soares Souza!
- Fix project loading. Thanks to Guilhem Vellut!
- Fix enabling of on-the-fly CRS transformation
- Fix menu icons
- First release for QGIS 2.4
- Save OL layer type in custom property
- Fix initial map rendering
- Fix HTML file path on Windows
- Pre-release for QGIS 2.4 (Map rendering on Windows broken)
- Omit maps with invalid extents, except initial map
- Pre-release for QGIS 2.4 (Initial map rendering partially broken)
- Image scaling fixed
- Support for accented characters in home directory
- Pre-release for QGIS 2.4 (Initial map rendering partially broken, printing not
working yet)
- Moved into Web menu
- Support for multi-treaded rendering (QGIS 2.3/2.4)
- Refactoring of OL layers and registry
- Ready for supporting other CRS and initial extends
- PEP8 conformance
- Fix saving/loading on OSGeo4W 64bit and OS X. Thanks to Minoru Akagi!
- Terms of Service/About dialog
- Basic port to 2.0 API by Richard Duivenvoorde and Minpa Lee
-Added Stamen OSM layers. Thanks to Nathaniel V. KELSO!
-Fix for Python API breaks in master branch. Thanks to Salvatore Larosa!
April 9, 2018, 6:39 a.m.
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