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An Open-source HLZ Identification Processing Plugin

This plugin provides basic functionality to identify possible helicopter landing zones (HLZs). Based on a point of interest (POI) or area of interest (AOI) defined by the user, this plugin will analyze slope and land cover data to determine possible locations to land a helicopter. These sites are selected based on land cover suitability and user-defined criteria, to include touchdown point (TDP) size and slope caution/limit thresholds (see README on GitHub for a more detailed explanation of methodology). A key feature of this tool is that it will automatically download the required data for analysis, so an internet connection is required to use it.

WARNING: The possible HLZ locations identified by this plugin are for research purposes only. The results of this plugin have not been evaluated for accuracy and should not be relied upon as the sole means for determining where to land an aircraft. It is ultimately the responsibility of the pilot-in-command to determine the suitability of any location prior to landing their aircraft. The developer of this plugin is not liable for ANY damage to equipment, bodily injury, or loss of life associated with its use.

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