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This plugin is deprecated!

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Downloads oceancolor and sea surface temperature datasets from NASA Oceancolor.

The plugin downloads either global level 3 mapped chlorophyll-a concentrations or sea surface temperatures within a defined time range, and resolution. The data is saved in GeoTiff format and can be added to the QGIS canvas once downloaded. This plugin was developed by the Mapping and Geographic Information Centre at British Antarctic Survey.

Louise Ireland
remote sensingoceancolorglobaldata
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1.1.2 no 2.0.0 2.99.0 6323 louise 2016-02-24T15:35:21.425574+00:00
1.1.1 no 2.0.0 2.99.0 3322 louise 2015-03-13T08:50:55.627372+00:00
1.1 no 2.0.0 2.99.0 924 louise 2015-02-26T16:59:29.484192+00:00
1.0 no 2.0.0 2.99.0 1055 louise 2015-02-11T13:31:25.317539+00:00

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