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Version: [2792] NDFF Connector Plugin 0.8.6

0.8.6 Zendesk #37341 default surveymethod set to 'na', fix #109 (403 msg),
better handling dataset tree-build (other domain handling: commit e8c1ee59),
0.8.5 Quickfix
0.8.4 Fix #105 (help -> zenddesk), Better AbundanceValue checks, Fix #106 Do not
sent dwelling if value =
0.8.3 Fixes #99 (dataset), #101 (dwelling), #102 (default location_buffer)
0.8.2 More identity/datetime examples, enable dataset via Field again, show icon
when selection is active #90, make window modality a user setting #93, handle
too many confirmations
0.8.1 Option to disable ssl verification #80, #81 (to handle some ssl issues on
certain proxied(?) networks), fix #89 abundance_value mapping
0.8.0 Lot of Issue fixes, new mapping files etc etc
0.7.6 Possible to add Protocol to Dataset, make it possible to search for a
default URI (#73), limit number of search results (#61)
0.7.5 Several fixes that popped up at workshop 2 (#62, #63, #70, #71)
0.7.4 Big overhaul for related codes (abundance_value)
0.7.2 Minimum version bump to 3.22, input fixes
0.7.1 Textual fixes, beep, data mapping case-insensitive (connector changes)
0.7.0 Fixing not showing extra_info, spelling, better testing plugin zip, fix
credentials testing,
better handle network interruptions, max window size (to not grow out of
make it possible to stop sending during session, better searching for (more)
massive speedup of validation (by not showing all records anymore)
0.6.0 QGIS Plugin release test
0.5.4 Fix filechooser
0.5.3 Create and update Datasets via plugin
0.5.2 Be able to handle a selection of a layer (the in QGIS selected layer
0.5.1 Handle domain-keys in ndff credentials
0.5.0 Handle Polygons/Multipolygons/LineStrings/MultiLineStrings
0.4.0 For Postgres and CSV layers, it is now possible to save the ndff_settings,
and use them in the CLI
0.3.9 Show validation results in separate dialog (instead of tooltip), NDFF
icon, Help menu item (+ start of docs)
0.3.8 Move global settings into github/plugin, make more robust, handle network
0.3.7 Much more user feedback, knowledge of successful uploads and ability to
save logs
0.3.6 Upload user interaction working, full taxon domain list
0.3.5 Validation round trip
0.3.4 Dwelling fixed, first logging (when saving settings)
0.3.3 Dwelling added
0.3.2 Add 'Search Datasets' dialog, make validation/upload stoppable by
cancel/ok of dialog, better validation
0.3.1 Fix credentials issue, Fix showing old location, Fix showDialog on close
0.3.0 Working credentials machinery, Working extra_info dialogs and machinery
0.2.1 Add labels in dialog, fix some geometry/location issues
0.2.0 Complete overhaul, both library as plugin...
0.1.1 QDateTime fix, More robust on empty start, sending whole datas, searching
for identity
0.1.0 First version requests for api credentials (non public)
Aug. 18, 2023, 3:21 a.m.
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