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a SAM (facebook segment anything model and its decendants) based geographic information extraction tool just by interactive click on remote sensing image, as well as an efficient geospatial labeling tool. While extracting geometries for geographic entities much more quickly, you can construct and optimize a land-cover classification system according to the nature characteristics of earth photo.
To try it without difficult installation, please follow these links to download the compressed package (QGIS3.30.2-simplified_Monitask0.91.7z) which contains a portable QGIS3.30 with Monitask fully equipped. Just unzip the package into any disk root, and click the QGIS_Monitask icon to run.
1. Google Drive :
2. Baidu Drive:

1).Lightly click the mouse to automatically recognize the range of features.
2). Multiple methods support flexible adjustment of automatic recognition results.
3). Automatically create geometries and achieve post-processing such as simplification, smoothing, and orthogonizing that are suitable for the labeled class.
4). Automatically edge with adjacent polygons.
5). efficient labeling operation.
6). Automatic expansion of large parcels, collecting feature parcels like playing games.
7).Automatically adapt to changes in image display scale, and can flexibly respond to both large and small features.
8). Flexible labeling system establishment and maintenance operations.

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