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Open eQuarter is a QGIS-Plugin to investigate settlements and city districts based upon a set of data maps. NOTE: You may have to restart QGIS after installation.

The research project 'Sustainable and energy-efficient redevelopment of city quarters - Analytical and planning tools for energy assessment and rehabilitation of urban districts (Open eQuarter)' was aiming at the development of a software environment to evaluate the energetic status of a block, a neighborhood, a city district or an entire city. Therefore the here provided investigastion tool named 'Open eQuarter' was developed. It calculates a set of geometric and energy-related parameters on building based precision with the lowest possible acquisition expense.

Werner Kaul, Kim Gülle & David Kreulitsch, Open eQuarter Team UdK-Berlin
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0.999d no 2.18.28 2.99.0 343 udkvpt 2020-02-28T12:53:56.174582+00:00
0.999c no 2.18.28 2.99.0 64 udkvpt 2020-02-28T10:49:12.999515+00:00
0.999a no 2.4.0 2.99.0 757 udkvpt 2019-11-07T16:22:33.383481+00:00
0.998k no 2.4.0 2.99.0 1297 udkvpt 2018-07-19T09:44:28.377337+00:00
0.998h no 2.4.0 2.99.0 375 udkvpt 2018-06-25T08:30:19.143663+00:00
0.998g no 2.4.0 2.99.0 353 udkvpt 2018-06-04T14:11:08.475148+00:00
0.998f no 2.4.0 2.99.0 299 udkvpt 2018-05-18T13:26:41.370093+00:00
0.998c no 2.4.0 2.99.0 651 udkvpt 2018-03-02T09:18:20.886658+00:00
0.998a no 2.4.0 2.99.0 347 udkvpt 2018-02-27T15:33:34.579804+00:00
0.9981 no 2.4.0 2.99.0 2128 udkvpt 2017-04-07T10:57:02.348569+00:00
0.998 no 2.4.0 2.99.0 455 udkvpt 2017-04-06T13:00:43.742749+00:00

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