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Version: [92] Midvatten 1.6.11

Version 1.6.11:
- CustomPlot: Fixes bug where pickannotator didn't work.
- DiverofficeImport: Fixes bug where timezone can't be parsed in file.
- ExportToFieldLogger:
* Fixes #342 (latlot from vectorlayer bug).
* Fixes bug related to Postgis-databases where getting lat-lon didn't work.
- FieldloggerImport:
* Fixes bug that crashed the function.
* Fixes bug for Postgis-databases where getting parameters from w_qual_field
didn't work.
- GeneralCsvImport: Support for importing geometry of all srids thas included in
the database spatial_ref_sys table.
- Logger editor:
* Fixes delete rows not working.
* Fixes adjustment to matplotib 3.5.1.
- MatplotlibReplacements: Fixes a bug by replacing
- Sectionplot: Fixes bug where a random date was chosen for water level plot.
- Strat symbology: Strat symbology is added even if views can not be recreated
(which can happen
for a PostgreSQL-database if they already exists and the user lack sufficient
Version 1.6.10:
- Database:
* Removed trailing spaces from capacity in zz_capacity and zz_capacity_plots
(handled using strip and trim instead).
- General:
* Fixes bug where obs_points and obs_lines were not editabel
(Loaddefaultlayers now loads obs_points and obs_lines instad of view_obs_points
and view_obs_lines)
(Requires user to reload layers using "Load default db-layers to qgis")
* Better database version comparison.
* Fix to close connections more frequently when the connection is not used
* Fix to always turn of waiting cursor in general_exception_handler.
- CompactWQualReport: Feature to allow the user to choose header columns and
sort order.
- DiverofficeImport: Feature to choose target UTC-offset for conversion during
- ExportFieldlogger: Fixes #340 (bug where empty row in list caused error)
- General csv import:
* Fixes import problem to w_qual_field-table using PostGIS/PostgreSQL-database
* Fixes bug where csv import dialog object was destroyed in the middle of
- General report: Fixes bug #336. (general report failed when water level data
was missing in postgresql)
- List of values from selected features: Fixes problem when QVariant was NULL.
- PrepareForQgis2Threejs: Added support for postgis databases.
- Sectionplot:
* Fixes labeling problem #334.
* Fixes a bug which causes an (otherwise hidden) error message (but doesn't
affect the functionality).
- Stratsymbology: Added waiting cursor when loading symbology.
- Stratigraphy plot: Fixes printing bug.
Version 1.6.9
- Fixes bug in XYplot when using Midvattenplugin with
Version 1.6.8
- Fixes #335 (fig.legend giving error message)..
Version 1.6.7
- Fixes #335 (fig.legend giving error message)..
Version 1.6.6
- Major update of imports in modules to increase code reusability from outside
the plugin.
- Compact w-qual report
* Made the column report optional to allow reports from w_qual_field.
* Fixes bug when using aggregation other than concat.
- Midvattensettings:
* Fixes bug after closing the settings dialog (fixes #332).
- Sectionplot:
* Refactoring.
* Feature to write layer annotation at the edge or center of the bar.
* Added option to chose water level base on sql WHERE condition (see tooltip for
water level square).
* Fixes bug where error message was printed too many times.
* Probably fixes #333 (supporting multiple variations of function "line locate
* Fixes bug where changing water level label in figure options on navigation
toolbar didn't change legend text.
* Fixes bug where layer texts was NULL was written to plot.
* Fixes bug with interactive water level plot.
- Export data:
* Fixes bugs related to the optional tables s_qual_lab and w_qual_logger.
- FieldloggerExport:
* Fixes bug where adding layer to QGIS caused an error message.
- CompactWQualReport:
* Fixes bug where default table and column not working.
- CompactWQualReport:
* Fixes missing column headers.
Version 1.6.5
- Database:
* Added index to w_levels_logger and w_flow for perhaps increased read
* Added constraint to w_qual_field to not get duplicates when unit is NULL.
* Plot symbol colors: Changed symbol color for till and clay from yellow to cyan
and beige for qt-colors (affecting strat symbology and the old stratigraphy
* Added support for non-essential data tables s_qual_lab and w_qual_logger. Sql
for creating them is in definitions\create_db_extra_data_tables.sql
- Layer symbology:
* Added triangle symbol (obs_p_w_lvl_logger) for displaying the existance of
logger data for an obsid.
- LoggerEditor:
* The features "Calculate logger w level from logger water head" renamed to
"Edit water level logger data".
* New feature to select nodes and altering time series by moving nodes up and
* Changed default search radius to 60 minutes.
* Period range (now Seleted period) is now inclusive (and nodes inside selected
period are marked to visualize this).
- Stratigraphy symbology:
* Separated labels and symbols into separate layers.
* Added layer "Layer texts" for displaying stratigraphy labels on map.
* The else layer is deactivated by default in layers.
* Bedrock label as >X when drillstop not like bedrock or equivalent.
* Added option to filter selected obsids.
* Reduced shadow opacity to 40 from 70.
- Bug fixes:
* Fixed bug where a missing Postgis table caused a plugin-crash.
- Gui fixes: Fixed margins for several features after new QGIS versions changed
- Interlab4 import:
* Fixed bug when closing save metadata without selecting file.
* Fixed bug when number contained space.
- Compact water quality report: Fixes bug where "Data from selected obsids in
sql table" didn't work.
- Water quality report: Fixes bug where numeric sorting column couldn't be
- Sectionplot:
* Fixed bug where obsid was not visible when plotting hydro colors.
* Fixes bug where obsid label was not written but the bar was plotted.
* Adjustment for new pandas version (water levels interactive mode).
* Fixed better error messages when dems are omitted.
- List of values from selected features: Added checkbox to copy to clipboard.
- Calculate Aveflow function: Added a pandas variant which keeps the comments.
- Finddateformat: Added dateformat 'Ymd H:M'.

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