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Version: [92] Midvatten 1.6.0

Version 1.6.0:
- First public release.
- Added function to add view_obs_points and view_obs_lines.
- Introduced messagebar info if view_obs_points/lines is missing.
- Sectionplot: Printing x and y limits in bottom right corner.
- Compact water quality report: Bug fixes.
- Customplot: Bug fix for discontinous plots (#312)
Version 1.6.0b8
- Import csv gui: Importing geometries from vectorlayers supported. If a feature
has a geometry, a "geometry" column will be added to loaded file data.
- Fieldlogger import: Bug fix where w_qual_lab parameter was not filled in
automatically from stored settings.
- Fieldlogger import: Instrument and unit are filled automatically based on last
entry for current staff.
- Customplot: Added pandas.DataFrame.Rolling instead of rolling_mean for pandas
version >=0.18.0. Changed center to checkbox instead of lineedit.
- A messagebar message is issued if the database is old.
Version 1.6.0b7
- qgis3-branch moved to master branch. The old master branch for qgis2 is now
the qgis2-branch.
Version 1.6.0b6
- Fieldlogger export: Adjustments to new locations file format.
- Interlab4: Fix so that the highest resolution parameter (the one with lowest
value) is imported as the original parameter name. Duplicates are given a
duplicate suffix.
Version 1.6.0b5
- Customplot: Fixes #293. Added checkbox "Regular xaxis interval".
- Customplot: Fixed tab widget resizing bugs. Restructured settings.
- Interlab4: Fix so that the highest resolution parameter is imported if there
are duplicates.
- Waterqualityreport: Bug fixes for #294.
Version 1.6.0b4:
- Stratigraphy: Hidden feature: If selected layer is missing in table
stratigraphy but has "length" column, it will be plottet as a layer with no
Version 1.6.0b3:
- Updated translation files.
Version 1.6.0b2:
- Sectionplot: Methods for producing graded dems (issue #254) but not
implemented in gui yet.
- Interlab4: feature to dump tables to csv.
- Improved utility to get values from selected features.
Version 1.6.0b1:
- Update for QGIS3.
For changes until ver 1.6, see separate document changelog_history
March 19, 2019, 4:13 p.m.
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