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Version: [92] Midvatten 1.4.10

Version 1.4.10
- Piper: Fixed bug where list objects for piper markers were automatically
Version 1.4.9:
- Merged internationalization branch into master.
Version 1.4.8:
- Logger calibration: Added function for adjusting trend for logger line.
- Fieldlogger import: Connected instrument id to sublocation instead of obsid.
- Fieldlogger import: Added function for calculating level_masl directly from
- Logger calibration: Fixed better error msg.
- Added translation support for fieldlogger import,,,,
( didn't need it),,,,,,
Version 1.4.7:
- Fixed bug where sql questions with special characters could cause an error.
Version 1.4.6:
- Logger calibration: Fix for normalize when head_cm is None..
- Customplot: Fix bug when setting colors to steps-pre/post that caused crash
using figure options.
Version 1.4.5:
- Logger calibration: More performance related fixes..
Version 1.4.4:
- Import dialogs: Added checkbox to close after import.
- Added Qt internationalization support for modules,,,,,,,,,
- Customplot: Fixed bug where not selecting filter1 and filter2 resulted in a
Version 1.4.3:
- Logger calibration: Performance fix related to the obsid list which made
calibration and updates very slow.
- Added table zz_lab_parameters for merging parameter synonyms into a shared
parameter name. Added support for it for piper plot.
- Diveroffice import: Fixed the format and width for the datetime filter.
- Diveroffice import: Bug fix where button "skip" did not work.
- Stratigraphy: Fixed bug where stratas with umlauts were not found (ex.
Version 1.4.2:
- Added Qt internationalization support and Portuguese translations for ui-files
and some modules (with special thanks to Luiz Pacheco Motta (IBAMA/QGISBrasil),
Mariana Muniz Blank (Rede Guarani/Serra Geral/QGISBrasil), Arthur Schmidt Nanni
(Rede Guarani/Serra Geral/QGISBrasil) and Luiz Fernando Scheibe (Rede
Guarani/Serra Geral/QGISBrasil)!.
Version 1.4.1:
- Fixed bug in export Fieldlogger.
- Fixed bug when using spatialite 4.3.0a (Added ElementaryGeometries to
- Replaced sqlite3 to pyspatialite where sqlite3 caused problems with Spatialite
- Interlab4 import: Fix where mätvärdetal didn't exist but mätvärdetext and
mätvärdetalanm did.
- Fieldlogger Export: Sublocations appearing more than once are now merged. When
parameters appear more than once, the last one overwrites the previous.
Version 1.4:
Most important changes since version 1.3.3 are listed below
- Database: Table w_qual_field: new column depth replaces column flow_lmp.
Column depth is assumed to be the depth from which the measured or sampled water
was extracted.
- Database: Table comments: New table to store any type of comment for obsids.
- Database: A couple of new data domain tables (zz_tables)
- Database: Hard coded plot settings like colors migrated to zz_tables (ex:
zz_capacity_plots, zz_stratigraphy_plots)
- Database: Automatically updated geometries and east-north fields in
obs_points: Database triggers in table obs_points keeps the geometries and east
and north field synced.
- General csv import: New feature for importing csv-files or QGis vector layers
into any of the database table. This feature removes the need for separate
import features for each table. The older import features remain but will be
removed in future versions.
- Diveroffice import: New feature for importing files from diver office (useful
for importing many diveroffice files at once instead of only one at the time).
- Interlab4 import: New feature for importing files using interlab4 format (some
Swedish labs use this format).
- FieldLogger import: New feature for importing files using the Fieldlogger
(Android/ios app) output format.
- Fieldlogger Export: New feature for creating input files for FieldLogger
(Android/ios app). Very useful when making field measurements.
- Calcultate logger w level from logger water head: Many new features to speed
ut the process of calculating the logger position (and thus calculating level
above sea level from logger head).
- Custom plot: New features for adjusting the plots (remove mean, apply factor,
apply offset) and features only appearing if python pandas is correctly
installed (resampling and rolling mean)
- Custom plot: The built in matplotlib "Edit curves lines and axes parameters"
can now be used (clicking _Redraw_ button fixes the axes and lables).
- plot stratigraphy: Stratigraphy units, plot color and symbols are now editable
by the user, so is also the water capacity (by making changes in the tables
zz_capacity_plots and zz_stratigraphy_plots)
For changes until ver 1.3.3, see separate document changelog_history
Dec. 15, 2017, 12:52 a.m.
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