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QGIS Python Plugins Repository

Version: [1963] Mappia Publisher 2.9.11

Initialize directory if empty.
Map list link in README description.
Tile bounds are limited to each zoom level.
Improve GIT executable search.
Add a link to list repository maps.
Improving QGIS compatibility detects when some options are not available but
manages to continue the publication process.
Publish maps normally when point geometry is not defined.
Warning message if possible incompatibility with QGIS version.
Tested in Linux that was not finding the git executable.
Fixed some issues with older versions.
Removed all user interactions when asking is off.
Mandatory fields with '*'.
Check environment PATH for the 'git' executable.
Add parameter to ask prevent asking confirmation.
Improving the responsiveness in long time taking steps.
Changed the plugins buttons icons and detect a invalid configuration.
Added option to upload source files for further download.
Improved visualization of raster layers.
Improved publication of Point Layers.
Fix some general issues.
Point layer vector publishing as real objects.
Added some messages to clarify the process.
Send report on failure.
Resolve conflict local changes.
Configure locally the user name and email.
Remove class RenderBlocking to improve compatibility.
Layer Point icon_url creation check.
PNG lossless compression.
Nov. 28, 2020, 7:18 p.m.
Minimum QGIS version
Maximum QGIS version
External dependencies (PIP install string)

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